Episode #266 - April 24th, 2012

RailsConf 2012のレポート

DHH calls for Progress

  • オープニングセッション


David Heinemeier Hansson opened RailsConf 2012 with a keynote about progress, conservatism, and being curious instead of being suspicious. He summarized some of the initially controversial features or technologies that were added to Rails in the past and how they have since become accepted as the essence of the project. DHH then went on to analyze the causes of the slowly creeping conservatism in parts of the community about attempts for progress that threaten the status quo. Blaming it on a natural human fallacy, loss aversion, he concluded by guaranteeing that Rails 4 would "change things, and break things".

疑ったり反論するだけの姿勢を批判し(ここの訳が微妙)、Rails 4では"変化し、現状を打破する"ことを保証した。

Blaming it on a natural human fallacy, loss aversion,
の部分の意味が… うーん…